Tuesday, April 20, 2010

sleep for the little b

we have started doing the "put her to bed awake" technique, but not without a struggle. i have always rocked her to sleep and it wasn't until about a month ago that she would fight her sleep, and it wasn't pretty! i figured it was time i do some "sleep training" but all the books & sites are so all over the place. i ended up just taking my mommy friends' advice & put our own personal spin on it.

she can stay awake for about 3-4 hours during the day before she gets grumpy. once i can see that's she's fussy and rubbing her eyes i will cuddle her a little, tell her it's "ni-night time" and then take her to her crib. she will whine, fuss and then cry, but i go in and comfort her (without picking her up) & then shortly leave the room. 5ish minutes later i will go back and do the same, sometimes it lasts about 15 minutes, the most was almost a half hour.

then this morning she fell asleep in her bouncy chair in the bathroom while i was showering, darnit! so when i was finished i scooped her up and in the crib she went. she awoke briefly, but "talked" herself to sleep within 2 minutes.

this afternoon while i tweezing my eyebrows at my vanity, she was next me on on our bed, she likes to play and talk to me while i try to make myself presentable :) all of a sudden i look over and she was out like a light. now although she didn't go to sleep in her crib, she did put herself to sleep without getting cranky so i still consider that a step in the right direction.

i know that she will get the hang of it, it's just taking some getting used to. i used to love those sweet moments spent in the glider, snuggled close to her, but those had turned into arched backs and violent spitting out of the binky, so i gues you could say this is our way of graduating to the next phase.

wish me luck!

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