Monday, May 3, 2010

getting excited!

pedro and my birthdays are this month and we are planning a trip to las vegas! :) we are going for 2 days and 1 night and staying at treasure island. we've arranged for my mom to come up and stay w/ alex and avelina.

pedro and i don't do many dates/outings/adventures so this will be awesome for us. i think we should make time for he and i alone once a month, even if it's just to see a movie or go shopping at the mall, that will give us the "couple feeling and then the mommy and daddy roles can take a backseat.

another thing i am excited about is my new curtains! we had vertical blinds that were old and only worked half the time. man what a difference!

also i am looking forward to un-freezing my gym membership this month so that i can work my butt off & avelina can go to the daycare. we won't get into how much my body needs to exercise.
i am ashamed i let it get this bad.
but back to being happy, this was an excited post! so yay gym, vegas and window treatments!